Eye Care

Fine Beauty of the Eyes and the Results`

In addition to general health and nutrition (vitamins A, B, C and D are especially important), the health of the eyes is greatly affected by the correctness of skin care for the eyelids. Even if you do not complain about your eyesight, take care of the “mirrors of the soul” from day to day.

It is very harmful for the eyes to be in smoky rooms, so try not to go out to the smoking room with colleagues for smoke breaks, if you do not smoke. And if you smoke, try to smoke outside, not indoors. Also, avoid too bright light. When you work or read, make sure that the light is bright, but not cutting and falling on the left side. Take breaks in order to just sit for 10 seconds with your eyes closed. You can rotate the eyes in turns in different directions. Also you should go for the Eye Exam now.

Look after the eyes correctly

Not bad in the evenings before going to bed put on the lotions from tea brewing or infusion of blue basilisk. A teaspoon of basilisk petals (you can also use rose petals) pour boiling water and insist under the lid for 20 minutes. After the procedure, spread the eyelids well with a soft, easily absorbed cream.


Close your eyes tightly and count slowly until 5. Then open your eyes, lift them up and also count to five and close again.

The second

Slowly look to the left, count to five. Then slowly look to the right, count to five and return to the starting position. Close your eyes for a few seconds and repeat the exercise.


Raise your eyes up, count to three, then slowly lower your eyes down and count to three as well. Close your eyes for a few seconds.


Rotate your eyes from right to left, then left to right. Rotate slowly and between the approaches, close your eyes for a few seconds.


A very good exercise for the eyes is when you look afar at an object, and then look at a nearby object. Repeat several times.

If you have tired eyes, then a fine eye massage will be a wonderful care for tired eyes. For this, sit on a chair with your back to the light source. Back, neck and head should be on the same line. Take a small breath, and on exhalation, from the outer edge of the eye to the bridge of the nose, rolling slightly, push the lower part of the palm over your eyes. By the way, this is one of my favorite exercises in eye care.

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